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Original HIWIN Four Row Wide Linear Guide WEH21CA Linear Motion Ball Slide Block

Item # : WEH21CA, WEH21CAZAC
Series: WE series
Block Type: Square block
Model Size : 21 mm
Load Type: Medium Load
Block Mounting: Mounting from Top
Block: Standard type block
Distance from the Edge: Tolerance of E value for standard rail is ± 0.5mm.
Preload Class: Z0- Light Preload (0 ~ 0.02C) , ZA- Medium Preload (0.03 ~ 0.05C) , ZB-Heavy Preload (0.06 ~ 0.08C)
  • WEH21CA



Original HIWIN Linear Guide WEH17CA Linear Bearing Rail

TAIWAN HIWIN WE series features equal load ratings in the radial, reverse radial and the lateral direction with contact points at 45 degrees. This along with the wide rail, allows the guideway to be rated for high loads, moments and rigidity. By design, it has a self-aligning capability that can absorb most installation errors and can meet high accuracy standards. The ability to use a single rail and to have the low profile with a low center of gravity is ideal where space is limited and/or high moments are required. HIWIN WE series Basic Dynamic Load Range from 5.23kN - 29.8 kN

Please notat that the first hole of rails (E dimensions will be the same at both ends unless otherwise specified in the purchase order). Also for the rails accuracy we have C (Normal), H (high), P(High precision) in stock, for the accuracy details, please kindly check within next page of Pdf file (G-Interchangeable-Accuracy-Grade).

WE series linear guides

Item #


WE series
Block Type
Square type
Model Size
21 mm
Load Type
Medium load
Block Mounting
Mounting from Top
Standard type block

Preload Class

Z0- Light Preload (0 ~ 0.02C)  ,

ZA- Medium Preload (0.03 ~ 0.05C) ,

ZB-Heavy Preload (0.06 ~ 0.08C)

Precision code


Dust Protection

Standard preotection (End seal and bottom seal)

WE series linear guide wayWEH type linear guide


Model No. Dimension of assembly (mm) Dimensons of block (mm) Dimensions of Rail Mounting bolt for rail  Basic Dynamic Load rating  Basic Static Load rating  Static rated Moment Weight
H H1 N W B B1 C L1 L K1 K2 G Mxl T H2 H3 WR WB HR D h d P E (mm) C (kN) C0 (kN) MR MP MY Block Rail
kN-m kg kg/m
WEH17CA 17 2.5 8.5 50 29 10.5 15 35 50.6 - 3.1 4.9 M4X5 6 4 3 33 18 9.3 7.5 5.3 4.5 40 20 M4x12 5.23 9.64 0.15 0.062 0.062 0.12 2.2
WEH21CA 21 3 8.5 54 31 11.5 19 41.7 59 14.68 3.65 12 M5X66 8 4.5 4.2 37 22 11 7.5 5.3 4.5 50 25 M4x12 7.21 13.7 0.23 0.1 0.1 0.2 3
WEH27CA 27 4 10 62 46 8 32 51.8 50.6 14.15 3.5 12 M6X6 10 6 5 42 24 15 7.5 5.3 4.5 60 20 M4x16 12.4 21.6 0.42 0.17 0.17 0.35 4.7
WEH35CA 35 4 15.5 100 76 12 50 77.6 102.6 18.35 5.25 12 M8X8 13 8 6.5 69 40 19 11 9 7 80 20 M6x20 29.8 49.4 1.48 0.67 0.67 1.1 9.7

 Single color box of original


 Suitable carton size


Carton box for rail



   For the large quantity of the rail or linear carriage, We will package them with        wooden box before shipment.

Any questions and answers for HIWIN linear guides

Fake or original genuine TaiWan HIWIN products you supply to customer?
We provide the 100% original Genuine TaiWan HIWIN products.
How to gurantee of original HIWIN brand?
  1. You can pay to us by Paypal or Alibaba, It can supply gurantee to you, untill you get the goods.

  2. Please open HIWIN website to checking the order number what is showing on the linear block and ball nut.

What kind of HIWIN linear guide you can supply to customers?
We can supply HG, EG, MG, RG, CG, WE types etc.
What length of linear rail you provide to customers?

Max length of linear rail is 5600mm each, we can cut linear rail length by customer's

also supply the joint service if needs 1 pcs more than 5600mm.

What preload of HIWIN linear guide you supply to customers?
Z0, ZA, ZB, ZF( contact sales to get the details)
What accuracy of HIWIN linear guide you can supply to customers?

Grade C, H , P ( Stocked items)

Grade SP, UP  (We can help you to order them from TaiWan factory)

Do you have stock for precision roller guides?
Yes, we have stocked of RG roller guides, ( has square type of RGH, and Flange type of RGW)
Can you supply dust seals and self- lubricating systems of linear block?
Yes, ZZ, KK, DD, SH, ZH, DH, KH dust seals and E2 self-lubricating systesm all is available.
Can you sell the linear block and linear rail in separated?
Sure, Linear block and linear rail in separated is available.



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