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Original HIWIN Linear Guide Rail 15mm EGH15SA Guide Block

Item # : EGH15SA, EGH15SAZAC
Series: EG series
Block Type: Square type block
Model Size : 15 mm
Load Type: Medium Load
Block Mounting: Mounting from Top
Block: Standard type block
Preload Class: Z0- Light Preload (0 ~ 0.02C) , ZA- Medium Preload (0.03 ~ 0.05C) , ZB-Heavy Preload (0.06 ~ 0.08C)
  • EGH15SA



Original HIWIN Linear Guide Rail 15mm  EGH15SA Guide Block

TAIWAN HIWIN offeres two type blocks of flange type and square type, 15 mm Medium load (SA) square type block EGH15SAZAC block mounting from top, these linear blocks can install with the EGR15R or EGR15U (large mounting hole M4*16 and mouting from top)linear guide rail. the rail lenght can supply200.2 mm to 4000mm each piece. also if needs the length of more than 4000mm, we can provide the joint sevice to meet your request.

Please notat that the first hole of rails (E dimensions will be the same at both ends unless otherwise specified in the purchase order). Also for the rails accuracy we have C (Normal), H (high), P(High precision) in stock, for the accuracy details, please kindly check within next page of Pdf file (G-Interchangeable-Accuracy-Grade).

The design of the EG series offers a low profile, high load capacity, and high rigidity. It also features an equal load rating in all four directions and self-aligning capability to absorb installation-error, allowing for higher accuracies. Additionally, the lower assembly height and the shorter length make the EG series more suitable for high-speed, automation machines and applications where space is limited.
The retainer is designed to hold the balls in the block even when it is removed from the rail.

EG 结构

Item #
EG series
Block Type
Square type
Model Size
15 mm
Load Type
Medium load
Block Mounting
Mounting from Top
Standard type block

Preload Class

Z0- Light Preload (0 ~ 0.02C)  ,

ZA- Medium Preload (0.03 ~ 0.05C) ,

ZB-Heavy Preload (0.06 ~ 0.08C)

Precision code


Dust Protection

Standard preotection (End seal and bottom seal)

EG linear guideEG linear guideEG linear guide

EG linear guide


 Single color box of original


 Suitable carton size


Carton box for rail



   For the large quantity of the rail or linear carriage, We will package them with        wooden box before shipment.

  1. HIWIN guideways are supplied with a coating of anti-corrosion oil before being shipped. Please clean the oil before  moving or running the blocks.

    Linear Guide Mounting Instructions 01

  2. Recognition of master and subsidiary rails: For non-interchangeable type linear guideways, there are some  differences between the master rail and subsidiary rail. The accuracy of the master rail’s datum plane is better than  the subsidiary’s and it can be a reference side for  installation. There is a mark “MA” printed on the  rail. Check for the correct order before starting  the installation. The rail number of master is an  odd number and the rail number of subsidiary is  an even number. Please install the rails according  to the indication and carry on the installation  according to the order for multi-rails installment (e. g.: 001 pairs 002 ; 003 pairs 004 etc.) 

    Linear Guide Mounting Instructions 02

  3. Recognition of datum plane: The datum plane (B) of rail is  the side indicated by the arrow, which is marked on the top  surface of the rail. The datum plane of block is smooth ground  surface which shows as D in Figure 2.

    Linear Guide Mounting Instructions 03

  4. Butt-joint rail: Butt-joint rail should be installed by following  the arrow sign and ordinal number which is marked on the  surface of each rail as shown in the figure 3. To avoid accuracy  problems due to discrepancies between the 2 rails such as for  matched pair, butt-joint rails, the jointed positions should be  staggered as shown in figure 4.

    Linear Guide Mounting Instructions 04

  5. Do not remove blocks from rails when assembling the guideways in machines as far as possible. Please use block inserts  (please see Figure 5) if it is necessary to remove/ mount block from/ onto rail.

    Linear Guide Mounting Instructions 05Linear Guide Mounting Instructions 05-1

  6. Please do not randomly mix block units and rails for non  interchangeable type to avoid any installation problem.

  7. To ensure the straightness of rail, please tighten the mounting  bolts sequentially with a torque wrench to the specified torque. (Refer to HIWIN Technical Information).



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